10 Best Clock widgets for Android to Customize Time

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Best Clock widget for Android free download: Most of the Mobile Phones gets the Clock Widget as a Default. But it has a basic Design as developed by the Mobile Manufacturers and you cannot change to other Design unless you install a widget or Theme. So if you are willing to customize the Clock Widget on your Android Mobile, you must prefer the Below Mentioned Top 10 Clock Widgets for your Mobile Phone that has got all the features to satisfy your Needs.

10 Best Clock Widgets for Android for Customization:

All the Clock Widgets mentioned here are suitable for Android mobile and you can Switch to other Widget after Downloading an App simply by Turning ON the Enable Button. Check out Each & Every App below and opt for favourite App.

1) Weather & Clock Widget

Weather & Clock Widget name defines the Functionality of the Application. It shows both Weather Details along with Time at the Exact Moment.  You can check out Weather & Clock Widget at First Site itself. It provides different Sizes of Widgets to fit on your Home Screen online. In the Weather Section, you get the Hourly Changes in the Weather and check the Weather conditions on particular region on the Map.  This Widget also has Transparent design to uncover the Wallpaper on Home Screen

2) Digital Clock Widget

Digital Clock Widget
Digital Clock Widget
Developer: Maize
Price: Free

Digital Clock Widget has a Simply Beautiful App to Show-up Time on the Home Screen and Lock Screen of Android Mobile. It provides options to customize the Background of the Clock to your Favourite Color at any moment. Also it helps you to Hide/Show up the icons and Notifications on the Android to avoid the credential issues.

Moreover, Digital Clock Widget gives you several options like Clock time Color, Time Format, Date Color, Widget Shortcuts, Background Color, and other Alignment options.

3) Go Clock

GO Clock Widget
GO Clock Widget
Developer: GOMO Limited
Price: Free

Go Clock has Digital and Analog versions of the Clock, You can choose anyone of the design. It also has Different designs & styles of Clocks in Digital and Analog Watches in the Theme itself. User can pick any Country from the World map to set it up to its Clock.

Once you install this widget user get to see the dashboard with the options to navigate towards, Clock, Design, Interface etc. So Choose the Options and Customize the Clock & Apply it.

4) Minimalistic Text

Minimalistic Text: Widgets
Minimalistic Text: Widgets
Developer: Devmil
Price: Free+

Minimalistic Text has lot of options to customize the Clock in your Favourite Format at any Specific Location on the Home Screen of Mobile. Download the Minimalistic text App on your mobile and check out each option related to the Clock to highlight the best Part on the Screen.

Minimalistic Text Widget gives more tools to narrow the design & Style to Show up on the Mobile Screen on Android Device.

5) Fancy Widgets

Fancy Widgets
Fancy Widgets
Price: Free

Fancy Widget is a Special App to get a Cartoon Type of Clock on the Android Screen.  Along with Clock & timings, it displays the Weather Conditions of a specific Region on Top of the Clock. Using this App, you can check Weather reports of a region for the Whole Week.

Whole Widget will Show-up on the Screen with Timing, Day and Weather conditions with Animation. So it completely covers the important factors along with Clock.

6) Sense Flip Clock and Weather

Sense Flip Clock & Weather app shows Clock Plus Weather Conditions similar to Fancy Widgets. The Interface of this app is perfect to the Fancy Widgets and things that differ here is High Graphic View with Multiple Weather Conditions reports like Precipitation, Humidity etc. The Quality of the Graphics involved in this App attracts the users to opt for it. The Additional feature available here is easily accessible the maps and Location details.

7) Digi Clock Widget

DIGI Clock Widget
DIGI Clock Widget
Developer: ForestTree
Price: Free

Digi Clock Widget is a Lightweight Application to use on the Mobile and Tablet. This app suits both Mobile & Tablet Interfaces. so go head and Download the application on your Play store. As it has no Premium Quality Graphics involved in its design, their is no chance of Errors raised while using it.

Here you can opt for Transparent Wallpaper or even a Solid Colored Wall on backside of Clock. Other customization features like Color of Text, Font type etc.

8) Dashclock

DashClock shows time, Weather Conditions, and even alarm on the Lock Screen itself. And other Notifications like Mails, Messages, Call notifications can be displayed on the Home Screen. This Clock Widget gives you options to shift or Change the icons based on the user requirement, that is you can add a New App or Remove the present icon on it. Furthermore, you can add Calendar appointments, Call details to this widget. Overall, this Clock requires less Memory Space to be added on to Mobile

9) Chronus

Chronus: Home & Lock Widgets
Chronus: Home & Lock Widgets

Chronus Clock Widget gives a Definite view of Calendar and Clock. Unlike other Applications mentioned above this, Chronus displays Clocks of three Countries along with the Day. Weather Conditions of Whole Week are also showed on the Screen.

Any User with Chronus Clock Widget can adjust the Widget to the required Measurement and Location on the Screen in few seconds. This Feature adds more flexibility to the widget section to Customize the Home Screen

10) ClockQ

ClockQ is a Lightweight Application on the Android Platform to get a Customized Clock on your Home Screen. On ClockQ, we get several options like Font Size, Font Colour, Opacity etc. So we have got all the tools to add a beautiful Clock on the Home Screen and no need to use the basic Version of the Clock on the Android phone now.

Using ClockQ, we can add a Clock, Customize it and even Drag it towards your desired Position on the Mobile screen. And we get Calendar Widget as Extra feature on this app

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