Download Photo Sphere App for The Mobile and PC
Download Photosphere App for Mobile: The most easiest way to view any photo sphere on your phone is to use Photosphere App. You can create it by your own in your android device. The app is available on both Android and ios. You can get the side by side view with your VR headset. Android… (0 comment)

How to Clear Cache on Android Phone ( in 5 Minutes)
How to clear cache on Android Phone: Is your phone is working very slow, annoying you, show insufficient storage every tie you install a new app. No matter what version of Google’s mobile OS you’re running — we’re up to Android Oreo on some devices — Android remains a tinkerer’s dream. Because Android is open in a way… (0 comment)

How to remote Control Android Phone Screen from PC
Remote Control Android Phone Screen from PC: There are Amazing Apps to Control any Android Devices from PC. Sometimes you just need to text from your laptop, sometimes you feel to play those mobile games in a wide-screen, and here I am with one of the best solutions for you people to access your Android Phone… (0 comment)

How to Recover Deleted Photos Android without Computer
Recover deleted photos android without Computer: Sometimes, we all are overzealous at some point deleting pictures and accidentally deleted the perfect picture to Instagram or even worse, we have accidentally deleted a whole album of vacation pictures. Thankfully, when it comes to technology there is always a way to recover lost items. Always one thing to… (0 comment)